Geschichts- und Heimatverein e.V. Dreieichenhain


Welcome to the homepage of the Dreieichenhain History and Local Heritage Society and of the Dreieich Museum!

In the heart of Dreieichenhain’s picturesque Old Town is situated the unique property of the History and Local Heritage Society – the ruins of the former imperial Hayn Castle of Dreieich.

On the following pages you can learn more about the castle, the Society, its activities and special features such as the Castle Theatre and the Dreieich Museum, situated in the castle garden.

Please note that the entire complex is privately owned and permission from the Society and a photography permit are required for commercial photography and filming.

Unfortunately not all of the home page has as yet been translated into English, but the following pages are available:

the Castle complex 
the History of the Castle Hayn
the current Change Exhibition

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